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May 20-21, 2016 Cebu (Philippines) Back

International Conference on Research in Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (SSHE-2016) 

May 20-21, 2016 Cebu (Philippines)

ISBN 978-93-84422-73-8            

Editors :Prof. Dr. Michel Plaisent
Prof. Kazuaki Maeda



Motivation and Attitude of Students towards Learning English Language
The Politics of Human Trafficking in India and Malaysia

Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Mathematical Software Utilization: Effect on Students’ Achievement in Algebra
Jose Sherwin O. Seville
2Perceptions and Prioritization of a Portable Learning Management System
Dave E. Marcial, and Alfie Q. Arcelo
3Indigenous Food Crops Cultivated and Wild Plants Foraged by the Pala’wan Tribe in Southern Palawan
C. N. Bernadas, Jr., and M.D. Peralta
4Tension, Structure and Philosophical Implications of the Cebuano Balak (Poems)
Frederick P. Grengia
5Attitudes Related to Social Studies among Grade 9 Students of MSU-ILS
Dr. Wardah D. Guimba, Jalil U. Aguino, and Banissa G. Abbas
6Early Marriage and Divorce among Meranao Women
Farima B. Macapundag, Hainie M. Macadato, and Dr. Wardah D. Guimba
7The National Achievement Test Performance in English of Selected Public Secondary Schools: Basis for a Proposed Language Skills Program
Marieta Acibar Dar, and Mildred Bayotas Go
8A Study on the Secret Language of the Mochas in Iligan City
Lourd Greggory D. Crisol, MAELS, and Lovely A. Parungao, MAELS
9Developing a Grading and Monitoring System: Towards an Effective Academic Evaluation
Genesis Lalas, and Dr. Dave E. Marcial
10Integration of Agribusiness Theory and Practice for Sustainable Education Curriculum
Osuardo A. Pabatang Jr., Antonio M. Merca, and Adelfa C. Silor
11The Effect of In-Group and Outgroup Labels on the Evaluations of People’s Behavior: A Survey Experiment Using 12 Morally Ambiguous Situations
Mark Anthony Mujer Quintos
12Trends in Regional Differences in Maternal Mortality in the Philippines in the Last Four Decades
Mark Anthony Mujer Quintos
13Testing the Effect of a Course on Sociology of Religion on the Religiosity of College Students
Mark Anthony Mujer Quintos
14Perceived Impact on the Adoption of Koha on the State University Library’s Management System
Abubakar S. Mama
15A Critical Analysis of the Cebuano Liturgical Songs Composed By Renato E. Madrid: Basis for a Course Guide in Philippine Literature
Isaias O. Cabanit, Carmen M. Eturma, Ruben M. Ungui, Rowena P. Dato-on, Ledesma R. Layon, and Nicolas P. Antigua
16Pragmatic Theory of Truth as Guide in Management Technology
Rey Etom, Antonio M. Merca, Osuardo A. Pabatang, and Adelfa C. Silor
17Effects of Documentary Films on Students’ Attitude towards Science: A Pretest and Posttest Study
Vergel P. Mirana, and Ana E. Mirana
18Effects of Computer Simulations and Constructivist Approach on Students’ Epistemological Beliefs, Motivation and Conceptual Understanding in Physics
Vergel P. Mirana
19The Evaluation of the Communication Strategies in the Girls’ Education Social Campaigns
20Online Gaming Affecting the Academic Responsibility of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering Ii at Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus Daanbantayan, Cebu
Iris L. Gulbe, Jessie M. Casia, Alexis B. Conde, and Joseph P. Cruz, Jr.
21Teaching and Learning Styles in Social Science: The Samar State University Experience
Abigail M. Cabaguing
22The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology Skills Training of the Cebu State College of Science and Technology System Daanbantayan Campus Daanbantayan, Cebu: Basis For Instruction Enhancement
Tracy L. Manros, Ledesma R. Layon, Victor D. Villaganas, Severino R. Romano, and Levy S. Lepon
23Job Satisfaction of the Pharmacists in Pharmacy Technology Management Someselected Towns in Northern Cebu: Some Proposals
Nikkithea R. Layon, Ledesma R. Layon, Victor D. Villaganas, Severino R. Romano, and Rosario M. Duazo
24The Qualities of Effective University Instructor: Perception of WPU-Quezon Students
Aprilyn B. Dimalaluan, Metchecana D. Peralta, Jergen Jel C. Labaria, Jonathan Rey A. Del Castillo, Celestino N. Bernadas Jr., Johnamay A. Geva, Erchel R. Almerol
25The Performance of WPU-Quezon Pre-Service Teachers in the Art of Questioning
Ms. Aprilyn B. Dimalaluan, Ms. Metchecana D. Peralta, Ms. Jergen Jel C. Labaria, Mr. Jonathan Rey A. Del Castillo, Ms. Erchel R. Almerol
26Competencies and Core Values Learned in College as Perceived by Teacher Education Graduates of WPU Quezon Campus
Jergen Jel C. Labaria
27Stress Profile of Public Elementary School Teachers in Tacloban City Division: Inputs for a Proposed Classroom Intervention Program
Reynaldo P. Pagayanan, M.A.Ed.M.
28Construction and Validation of Reading Comprehension Comic on Afro-Asian Folk Narratives for Grade 8 Students
Lynly L. Imperial, Praises Joy T. Jalique, and Ava Clare Marie O. Robles
29Citizens Satisfaction on the Tourism Promotion Services of Calbayog City, Philippines
Ernesto J. Guades, Eugenia A. Lonzaga, Eugene C. Calumba, and Francisco B. Bacamante Jr.
30Job Satisfaction and Employability of Education Graduates of Western Philippines University- Quezon Campus
Jergen Jel C. Labaria
31Factors Affecting Home Leaving Behavior among Filipino Adolescents in Eastern Visayas
Marlon B. Raquel
32The Level of Security Management in the University of Eastern Philippines
Joy E. Presado
33Implementation of K to 12 Curriculum and the Learning Competencies in English in the Secondary Schools of the Division of Northern Samar
Elna Getalado-Calot
34Attitudes of Elementary Pre-service Teachers towards Computer-Based Instruction
Alejandro L. Giray, Jr., Ma. Lourdes C. Cgauerhab, and Efleda J. Siruelo
35Conceptual and Procedural Values and Skills in Mathematics of Teacher Education Students
Mary June F. Tan – Adalla, and Ronato S. Ballado
36Content Validity and Acceptability of a Developed Worktext in Basic Mathematics 2
Mae Joy T. Espinar, and Ronato S. Ballado
37Spiral Progression Approach in Teaching Science in Selected Private and Public Schools in Cavite
Gelli Ann Resurreccion, William Taala and Jonathan R. Adanza, PhD