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Jan. 23-24, 2017, Manila (Philippines) Back

Multi-Disciplinary Manila (Philippines) Conferences Jan. 23-24, 2017, Manila (Philippines)
LHSS-17, MTET-17, CABMS-17, LBECSR-17 and CEWM-17

Prof. Dr. Michel Plaisent
Prof. Alberto J. Valenzuela

ISBN: 978-93-84468-98-9



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)
1Sustainability Indices and Gross Domestic Product Data of Selected Southeast Asian Countries: A Statistical Investigation
Frederick A. Halcon
2Effects on Performance at Workıng Hours of Health Staff

Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Social Engagement as a Learning Design for Elementary Student in Social Studies
Akmal Maulana Luthfi RidloSanggusti, Afianita Fatwa, and Santigita Sarasceni
2Parent-Teacher Communication as a New Solution to Increase Student Engagement in the Elementary School
Akmal Maulana Luthfi Ridlo Sanggusti, Mirza Muchammad Iqbal, Dinu Hafidh Muvariz, Nyda Afsari, Syafira Putri Ekayani
3Immigration and Integration – Sport as a Valuable Instrument
Eoin J. Trolan
4Toponymic Approach in Scientific Research of Landscapes Associated with the Plant World
Emin Atasoy and Aigul Yegınbayeva
5Preferential Treatment: An Avenue For Decay In Prisons (A Comparative Analysis With India And the Philippines)
Jhino B. Ilano
6Working Memory and Flexibility in creative thinking
Jarosław Orzechowski
7Deception and Travail Are the Cameos in the Novel ‘The Lowland’
R. Mangalaeswari
8The Bond and Burdens in Family Relationships
S. Malarvizhi
9The Future Moro Esl Teachers In Focus: The Use of Cohesive Devices in Their L2 Narrative Writing
Annie Mae C. Berowa
10A Corpus-Based Analysis of Students’ Composition Writing
Bernadette C. Almejas and Emmanuel A. Arago
11Effects of ISO 9001 Standard on Critical Factors of Project Management in Construction Industry
Behnam Neyestani, and Joseph Berlin P. Juanzon
12Impact of ISO 9001 Standard on the Quality Costs of Construction Projects in the Philippines
Behnam Neyestani, and Joseph Berlin P. Juanzon
13University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine Document Management System (MDMS)
Patrick Joseph C. Dizon, Maverick John Y. Jacob, Jerome B. Ko, Jeremiah John D. Reyes, Mylene J. Domingo, and Edwin V. Rodriguez
14Towards Keystroke Analysis using Neural Network for Multi-Factor Authentication of Learner Recognition in On-Line Examination
Mideth B. Abisado, Bobby D. Gerardo, and Arnel C. Fajardo
15A Surveys based on Cloud Internet of Things Frameworks for Smart Home Service
Changhyung Kim, Kyoung-Yoon Jeong, Sang-Geun Choi, Kyounghak Lee and Chae-Bong Sohn
16Implementation of QCA XOR Gate Based on Interaction between QCA Cells
Jin-Seong Lee, Young-Won You and Jun-Cheol Jeon
17Full Adder Based on Quantum-dot Cellular Automata
Nuriddin Safoev and Jun-Cheol Jeon
18Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Variety Recognizer Using Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network
Magdalene C. Unajan, Winston M. Tabada, Bobby D. Gerardo, and Arnel C. Fajardo
19Effect of Fine Soil Particles, Tillage Systems and Polyacrylamide on Wheat Production and Some Soil Chemical Properties in Arid Regions
Nidal H. Abu-Hamdeh, Samir G. M. Al-Solaimani, and Saleh M. Ismail
20Genetic Variability Studies of Some Quantitative Traits in Cowpea (vigna unguiculata l. [walp.]) Under Water Stress
Magashi A. I., Fagwalawa L.D. and Ibrahim M. B.
21Utilization of Spotted Jellyfish (Mastigias Papua) for Gelatin Production in Palompon, Leyte Phils.: Basis for Product Commercialization
Neil L. Egloso, and Eva Mae V. Urboda
22Mosquito Larvicidal Activity of Eucalyptus deglupta Crude Extract and Analysis of its Bioactive Compounds
Ofelia E. Tam
23Phenotypic characterization of marine phage cocktail from Batangas Philippines against Multi-Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and Vibrio cholera
Fame C. Mercines, Rose Linda F. Catli, Anner P. Rodavia, Franz Emmanuel J. Isidro, Elaine M. Lacza, Kenneth Lloyd M. Alcaraz, Mae Valerie Y. Pono, Lourie Mae V. Calago, Arjay Manalatas, Coreen Guevarra, Hacelyn Ocba, Jose Jurel M. Nuevo, Holly Grace Orlina, and Ana Blezilda R. Arca
24Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Liquid Dishwashing Detergent in the Treatment of Infected Wound in Sprague Dawley Rats
Kevin Shem Isaiah L. Sanchez, Princess Cate R. Mercado, Ma. Cristina B. Diaz, Ma. Lourdes F. Alejandrino, Liezel V. Aspillaga, Pearly Ann B. Morales, Lexter Jade R. Ebora, Mark Jovan R. Espina, Jeannie T. Limayo, Jose Jurel M. Nuevo, and Ana Blezilda R. Arca
25An Ethnomedicinal Study of Plants and Traditional Health Care Practices in District 7, Cavite, Philippines
Lloyd O. Balinado and Merab A. Chan
26Professional Sustainability Management for Vietnamese Businesses
Robert W. Taylor, PhD
27The Views of Twelve (12) Companies in Makati City on Hiring Senior High School Graduates
Yen Kyla H. Noche, Monique Bridget P. Guinto, Dune Myra Ellis M. Paulo, and Charlene M. Sahagun
28Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility on Below Poverty Line Community Development (BPLC)
Dr. P.Amuthalakshmi
29The Use of Creative Dramatics to Improve Social Skills in Kindergarten
Vanissa D. Salcedo
30Social Constructivism and Clinical Teaching in a Selected Higher Education Institution in Cavite, Philippines
Jonathan R. Adanza
31Environmental Stewardship towards Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility among Selected Small and Medium Enterprises in Olongapo City, Philippines
Eric Agullana Matriano, Ed. D., Ph. D.
32Academic Performance and Application Level of Acquired Learning and Student Outcomes from MBA Courses towards the Attainment of Personal Growth
Jake M. Laguador
33Implementation of Problem Based Learning in St. Dominic College of Asia and Its Impact on Students’ Learning
Christian S. Tu, RN MSN
34Assessing the Career Plans: Basis for Career Development of ABMMA 2015-2016 Job Placement
Angelo C. Arguson, MIT, MOS
35Level of Awareness on Quality Indicators in the Pre-Analytic Phase among Registered Medical Technologist in the Private Hospital in Bacoor, Cavite
Jimmu A.Mediavillo, RMT, MSc
36Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs) in Cebu City, Central Philippines: Regulations and Implications to Traffic Congestion
John Daryl D. Arnado, Harrold B. Gogo and Ferdinand T. Abocejo
37The Lived Experiences of the Low Performing Students of Bachelor of Industrial Technology of Samar State University in Making Portfolio in Mathematics
Joy B. Araza
38Revisiting the Corporate Identity of DALTA Group of Companies: Basis for the Development of a Corporate Identity Manual
Rowena G. Morta
39Coping Mechanism of Farmers at Catagbacan, Goa, Camarines Sur in Extreme Weather Condition
Agnes R. Pesimo
40Solid Waste Disposal Practices and Problems Encountered of the Coastal Residents in Boac, Marinduque
John Carlo J. Sto. Domingo, and Liza Marie M. Manoos, Ph. D.
41Phytosuccession and Phytosociology of Plants in Ino-Capayang Mined-out Area for Possible Phytoremediation Activities in Marinduque
Roja L. Medianista, and Panchito M. Labay
42Arrowroot (Maranta Arundinacea): Starch Extraction, Processing, and By-Products Utilization
Michael V. Capiña and Verna Liza L. Capiña
43Disaster-Risk Mitigation of Affected Areas of Marcopper Mining Corporation: Basis for Government Intervention
Diosdado Pereda Zulueta, DPA